01 Do NOT use illegal content or illegal references in your galleries and/or gallery descriptions.
02 Do NOT use copyrighted content for which you have not been granted a permission to use.
03 Do NOT submit free hosted galleries built by sponsors, galleries MUST have been created by you.
04 Do NOT recycle galleries by posting them twice, submitting identical galleries will get you suspended.
05 Do NOT recycle exact same clips from galleries you have already posted, get content as unique as possible.
06 Do NOT use thumbnails to link to your sponsors, thumbnails on a gallery MUST be linked to content.
07 Do NOT use slow hosting for your galleries, your movies MUST download reasonably fast.
08 Do NOT delete galleries, and redirect our traffic or you will get suspended.
09 Do NOT promote dialers on your gallery, or send surfers to a popup hell when they click your sponsor links.
10 You MUST use gallery thumbnails which reflect the actual content of your movies.
11 You MUST have movies of at least 20 seconds and 1MB per individual file encoded in MPEG or WMV.
12 You MUST have gallery thumbnails WITHOUT BLACK BORDERS AND/OR WATERMARKS, or you will get suspended.
13 You MUST have gallery thumbnails directly linked to MPEG or WMV files, or our script will refuse the gallery.
14 You MAY post galleries with FLV streaming clips, but you MUST design it in such a way that the rule above is respected.
15 You MAY post up to a maximum of 5 galleries every day.
16 You MAY use the reciprocal links below on your gallery, or you MAY submit a clean no-recip gallery.